Thursday, April 28, 2016

A quick note: all the social media that makes me dizzy.

Are we talking about innovation or what?

Lately I feel i can't find a way to share my art. I cannot find a way to stand out and create new content without my thoughts being somewhat manipulated by the everyday media,social media. 

As a hairdresser it sucks, because I've had days where i want to just shout out loud where are my people at?! 

Where is the cool kids club i wanted to be part of? Where are the power thinkers and non settling trend setting individuals?  Why are you trying to compete with my art if you have a degree in accounting and you don't even know what joy division is? Like where are this people getting inspiration from?  How do you want to critique my art if you don't even understand the mod culture and how it takes you back in time to what changed our haircutting industry? like all this questions are filling my mind and make me feel a little bit of an outsider, because I don't understand.
 It makes me think of a time in college when they separated us into "schools" and somehow I ended up in the Health Sciences and Human services, because i wanted to be a Nutriologist. I remember being in an auditorium and wanting to sit with the arts and humanities kids so bad. I couldn't relate to anyone around so i walked to my counselor the next day and said "I'm changing majors" she said " to what?" I said "anything in the arts and humanities branch of this building" which I'm glad i did,
because i met most of my life long friends.
It might be a bit of my social anxiety but also i feel it has to do a lot with what our industry is celebrating and applauding that has me feeling like 18 yr old me except my counselor is a therapist that charges a lot to agree with me. 

photo :@losthairdressers
When I think of art I think odd characters and misunderstood beings portraying feelings via different kinds of Media. When I thought hairdressing, I thought it would be a combination of human emotion and interaction where the artist and the audience would belong. That was my motor to be in this business, to sync with all those characters that just wanted to create. Now I realize that there is room for not just artists like me but money driven squares that end up somehow applauded for having a narrow mindset and contaminating the art with new ways to kiss ass, we call that revolutionizing our industry? 

Its a weird feeling but I got to thinking when I saw this Instagram called @hairstudy that showcases that Raw art and that vibe is what I look for. 
photo: @hairstudy

I don't know if I'd ever be content just seeing my work on a glossy magazine or having expensive cocktails with yet another brand ambassador of a great beauty brand. I want to say yes I'd be content buying a Chanel bag and getting 50k followers to swoon over my best work turned into an ad  but that would probably never give me the comfort. The comfort of talking with my client about Brit rock and how I made my salon playlist. it would never give me as much comfort as nerding out over which iconic haircut made it to an album cover or  the comfort of playing dress up with wigs and friends that I will never turn into shoots because I will probably never consider it art for the world to see.
photo : @losthairdressers

All I can say is that tribe of hairdressers should not be in the dark, all those unapologetic leather jackets and incredible unusual taste should be applauded too. I am almost too dizzy to scroll through another unicorn braid, too tired to see another ombré or one more undercut. Im over the expensive collections in magazines with no backstory, no heart just some controlled and collected styling. 
If we really want to move our industry forward  We can do better than that.  We need to dig hard enough and focus on new trends and diversity of style not who can do one trend better than the next and overflow the mind with just an endless scroll of pretty braided hair. #overit

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