Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New projects

hi all !
first of all i want to say THANK you for keeping up with me
either via instagram, snapchat or Facebook this past couple of months.

I have gone in a new journey, an adventure! 
I have decided to venture out and open up my own studio this new 2016 
this new adventure has a name and its called VINYL BEAUTY STUDIO

For those who know me , know that i have been in the fashion and beauty industry
since maybe 10 years ago. From either creating marketing campaigns for 
clothing stores i worked at, to doing hair for shoots for local magazines while in college. 
I had no idea this was were my path was going to take me, but the more
involved i became with studio work , the more clear it became to me.

I needed to have an outlet, since before moving to Austin I knew i was going to be self employed
not in an egotistical, "I'm better than you" type of way. It was more because of the past 8 years, having been in management, marketing and design so actively that i knew all that knowledge and creativity would go to waste limiting my self to doing haircuts all day. 

Some of you may remember all my attempts at being independent while still having a job for example, when THE TULLE ROOM was born. An online clothing store where i created from scratch website, marketing and above all handmade accessories. This store was my first child per say and it taught me SO much it also allowed me so many tiny victories, like when i got invited to go sell my jewelry in NYC. 

Then i trasition into a lot more writing, blogging and being sponsored by different brands and collaborating with online magazines. 

Now i can do a combination of everything i love and have been doing for the past 10 years!
This is why sometimes i get a bit irritated when people comment on "wanting" or pursuing "fast success" 10 years in the making is what I'm currently living so i don't consider it fast i consider it a project of life in the making. 

This universe has all this ways of showing you the way. 
Never silence your inner voice that is God and your destiny speaking to you!
For the first time in my life i am not rushing to see whats next in life, i am actually enjoying being alive in this moment !!

For anyone that wonders how to find me or what I'm about please follow my instagram and check out the vinyl beauty studio website if you need to make a hair appointment. 


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