Monday, July 27, 2015

ROOKIE2ROOKIE : Where do I start? Part 1

In the past couple of days i have been receiving questions via social media about my path so far, 
my career and how i have managed to get things done. 
In this section called "ROOKIE2ROOKIE" i want to touch base on the questions you have about anything and everything. It is called rookie to rookie because sharing with you my thoughts and journey doesn't make me an expert, however in the road to discovery i will be glad to help someone along the way. 

I got the opportunity to be part of a panel with PBA and BEACON  during NAHA and beauty week last week, it was amazing! I got to meet incredible beauty people and students on the road to success. It was very inspiring and since then as most of you email has been flooding with love mail but, also tons of questions about my career.

I've split up the content in two parts so I can answer the questions as I go along. 

Starting with the first question i get a lot...
"How do i get to do what you are doing? How did you get there?" 

I believe rather than wondering how to walk in someone else's shoes you REALLY need to ask

What is my passion? and  WHERE do i start?

It often hear i want to be LIKE so and so.... or i would like to OWN a salon like THIS ONE. 
if you think about it, that i a lot of pressure on yourself because you are building a path based on someone else's life not your own. 
You can put a lot of pressure on yourself because your path MAY NOT necessarily unfold like the person next to you. 

There is a lot of beauty in finding passion for what you believe in and making your path as you walk along.You might think you want to be an educator but your passion is photo styling..then maybe education isn't your main focus and its okay , pursue what makes your heart sing. 

The best way to start is to plan for short term goals and really great ones so you can work on attaining those first, this is the best way to find out what you are passionate about. I first thought all i wanted was to have my own salon, but the minute i explored taking clases, working for someone that teaches me etc my mind set changed. I wouldn't have known if i didn't put myself in a situation of exploring and learning.

Paul Mitchell School  student Hair Show 2011

 lets start from the beginning. Start where you are right now.   if you are still in school: SHOW UP, BE PRESENT, GO THE EXTRA MILE and TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. 
 The moment you start school your career starts, you start building your brand and letting people know what you are about. 
I personally always did that extra activity, extra time, stayed late, took that really challenging color correction.. all the things other people didn't want to do. That built my brand as a student. 

It all starts where you are, the path might seem blurry and the road a little tricky but when you focus on the task at hand and do it right, it will take you to better places in the future. Don't take your school time for granted. Enjoy the place where you are because it is shaping you to become great at your craft. 

Hope this helps answer some questions and helps give you some relief if you are in this cosmo school frenzy every over achieving hair dresser sure goes through. 

We are all walking this path, might as well walk together and keep each other inspired. 


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