Monday, June 29, 2015


Many artists i have come across specially NEW artist have me in shock when they say " I don't collaborate, i can only do it if there is compensation" whoa!
This is always a shock to me because i believe that to be able to charge and gain credibility as a charging artist you need:
Credentials (schooling,certification), Expertise (years or experience in the field), Hefty Resume/Portfolio 
If you have one or neither of this and feel weird about collaboration please keep reading. 
Hair prep!

If you are interested in the paying gigs you must know that people willing to pay you want to see how amazing you are, the things you have worked on and how much your work is worth.

For a lot of us the challenge right out of school or beginning in the creative field is that we are all qualified, we went to school, we can do the job but we don't have anything to show for it,
by that i mean the expertise , the resume and the portfolio.
on set playing with AVEDA CONTROL FORCE hairspray and lighting.

The easiest and best way to build your brand is believe it or not COLLABORATING.
My boss ALLEN RUIZ always says "What we do at work fills our pockets, what we do outside of work fills our hearts" It is SO true. Not only do you do what you love and have full creative freedom when you collaborate in projects but you also you get to network and build your brand as an individual creative.

The importance of being qualified is just as equal as to be experienced, the experience you will get on sets you can't really measure in money.  Me for example working with my friend Cyler we both work late nights at the salon followed by an early morning after that we collaborate with Photographers. Yes it is our weekend and yes we would rather be having a margarita, but truth is we love what we do so much that being on a set on a late weekend night really fills our bucket.
Even though i don't get paid i can tell you i have met some incredible models (for future projects) I've strengthen my skills and i get to create beautiful images for my portfolio.
me and cyber doing our thangggg

It is very true that your brand will be built based on the people you work with, so choose who you want to collaborate with, if your collaboration won't grow you or showcase your work at your standard its okay to say no, however always keep in mind you want to leave a window open instead of shutting the door ,tearing the castle down and burn the bridge.

Be polite, be kind and be TRUE with you art.
But most of all BE HUMBLE , people don't want to work with a "know it all" or a "been there done that" type of person.
Find people that speak your creative language, that are willing to put in the work you are putting in, have similar creative eyes and people you just really enjoy working with. I promise it won't feel like work and it will expand your portfolio and skills.

I am always open for collaborations so please contact me with any inquiries or questions in CONTACT page

Kristyn Miller for the great studio experience
Cyler Daigle for being  super to collaborate with and great Makeup artist

follow them on instagram for more photos and inspiration!

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