Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Inspiration: GOOD VIBES SASSY CLUB

In the creative world there is so much competition, we all want to be the best at what we do and sometimes that creates this anxiety and friction within our industry. 
We often forget our focus is working on other people, lifting them up and making others feel good. 
I often come across stylist that are self absorbed and making everything about themselves, which is the most annoying thing ever.

Our industry is polluted with a lot of hairdressers that think this way, some students even come out of beauty school with this inflated egos and this hostile attitude. Its just a pollution of negativity and overall bad vibes. 

Since I know a lot of new cosmetologist are in tune with me, I just wanted to mention this, I mean nothing wrong if you want to be mean or you just suffer from resting bitch face. However I do want to touch base on the fact that the experience we have with our career we make for ourselves. 

 As you have come to realize I am a child at heart which helps my creativity but sometimes makes me way too receptive, to the point of  making me picture who I'm up against as this monsters of the underworld. ha! Thankful I've developed some tactics to navigate around. 
Aside from each others point of view ,dealing with people, reading between the lines and figuring people out .....
I have learned 3 main things which are harsh realities but have helped me navigate this PRO world with a more open mind, save a ton on heartaches and disappointments:

We came to the industry to care for others and fulfill our creative dreams.

2.Talent is not always a one way ticket
You might thing you have the talent and your boss really will pick someone with tenure, just because thats how the world works i guess.Don't take it personal. However, Make sure your talent is GREAT eventually it will matter. Don't sweat it. NEEEXT!

3. Have a mission statement for what you stand for
When tricky situaions are presented and you debate wether you want to be part of a project or not. Make a mission statement for what you stand for. For example I heard  Sherri Jesse (editorial stylist) say hers is: "Do pretty hair and be nice to people" If at the end of the day you accomplished your was all worth it. Trust me it will help you make decisions and save you a ton of trouble. 

4. Be part of the solution
If you sit around trying to pick a club to belong to, make sure its not the one that is tearing people apart. Set your standard HIGH to be with people that fit your criteria. ITS OKAY to be picky in this, good people need to stick together. There is more of us and we can change dark vibes in our industry.
Be part of the solution, uplift free thinkers, creatives and hungry hearts. 


Thoughts? Comments? 
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