Monday, June 22, 2015

NEWS: New Comer Stylist of The Year Finalist Adventure

It has been a crazy and hectic month!
I am thrilled to let you all know i have been selected in the prestigious competition North america Hair Styling Awards as a New Comer of the year Finalist!

It has been such a journey and i am completely humbled and honored to be part of such an amazing competition and group of professionals. If you have been reading this blog in its many stages , you must have seen me be part of the student competiton 3 years ago for Beacon. 

It definately sparked a fire in me to grow and gain skills to be able to produce a NAHA worthy photoshoot. I am very proud of the fact i have been able to accomplish such shoot and be part of the finalist this summer in Las Vegas, NV
check out all the other finalist here : 
I cannot stress enough how important it is to expand your skill out of beauty school, beauty school is a great place to find your calling and learn basics but it is definitely not ALL you want to know.
Make attainable goals and do a little something each day to take you there, gather your tribe, make your team of people be the ones that encourage your creative nerve and you will be surprised how soon you will be on your way. 

My collection and vision came from a New comer point of view, i wanted to show beauty coming through the cracks of a wall. I have heard a saying "life always finds a way" i wanted to portrait beauty and talent finding a way as a new comer. 
so this is what i came up with :

 It is with great HONOR to be a real Beauty ROOKIE in the world of beauty and be able to showcase my work in front of thousands of hair dressers from all over the globe. 

This little victories and stepping stones in my career is what makes the hard work worth it.  
I also chose to change my blog into a ROOKIE blog to have that window to connect with people in the same path i'm in. It is the new talent and the young professionals that need inspiration, we need to lift each other up and inspire each other!

A quick note on that, I have been very cautious in what and how i celebrate this huge accomplishment being scared of sounding over confident, but i realized this really doesn't happen often for me and i do want to celebrate with everyone and enjoy this!
I have always been last choice for almost everything in my life,not great at sports, not good at math,  i've almost always been the underdog.  This experience has boosted my confidence not in the professional field only but as a woman. It is my turn and it is okay to be proud. I am not an underdog at this moment, i am a confident girl that found something she is GOOD at with dreams and goals seeing them unfold right in front of her eyes. 
What if a few think you are too confident? what if a few try to tone your mood down? SMILE and say THANKS but i will keep doing my thing this way and give them some shades if your sparkle bothers them.

we can all reach that north star if we keep inspired focused and believe in the beauty of our everyday work. 

Read more about my inspiration on BANGSTYLE
Thanks for featuring me!

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Are you a young professional on the creative field and would like to share your story with us? please contact me, we all would love to hear your journey. 


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