Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beauty Rookie : Action Packed

I have decided to make a transition on the content i publish due to the lack of resources where i can network with people that are basically into the same stuff i am. 
I have opened up a space that is welcoming of all people on the rise to doing great things, dreamers of all kinds , doers and thinkers and creatives from all sorts. 
My main focus and expertise is beauty hence the blog title, however i feel that rookies all around play a big part in each others growth and progress. 

There is no such thing as success if it is not shared. We are all responsible for cheering on each other and keeping that creative vibe flowing. I have come to realize there is no accomplishment that can be done without the support of the people you surround yourself with. 

This past week i was able to be a part of the University of Texas at Austin Fashion seniors look book. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to realize that fashion is a collaborative effort and specially for up and coming artists in this case "fashion rookies" and "beauty rookies" uniting to create great work and images. 

isn't this what we live for as creatives? 

Here's a few pics of the day. I will try and interview some of the designers so we can get an insight of the nervousness, passion and fuel it takes to be a true creative rookie in the real world. 

Story boards are the base of EVERYTHING.

Me doing a Braided Top Knot. Status: feeling myself

water, coffee and a lot of tools! 

team work. 


Welcome to the Rookie world!

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