Thursday, October 9, 2014

NEWS: Shampoo or not? Facts about the everyday product.

I have read some crazy things about shampoo and  conditioner which well everyone is entitled to their opinion however, if you are using HEAT , COLOR or CHEMICALS on your HAIR chances are the old grandma remedy with vinegar and moon water while dancing around in circles is NOT going to help the condition of your hair. 

Cruel world huh? 
While id love to join the revolution of at home made shampoos and great diy ways to clean your hair truth is shampoo and conditioner have been a good go-to combo for ages for a reason...well a lot actually, but here's a few :

* Shampoo has the ability to regulate or alter the PH of your hair. Ever wonder why your hair is frizzy, dull or unmanageable? Well believe it or not a lot has to do with the kind of shampoo you are using. 
* Home made products can only do so much, while i believe in great scrubs and skin care can be made at home, when it comes to shampoo is like making your own hair medication. Almost no one knows the PH of their hair or how to balance it and when it comes to hair to have it look shiny and perfect has to do with the PH. It is very hard to find this balance in DIY products. 

*Professional  Care Shampoos 
Your hairdresser knows best! 
Most of this shampoo + conditioner combos are called "SYSTEMS" in the professional world because of the work they do TOGETHER. For example while a color protect shampoo can have less sulfates to keep color deposit in place , the ph will still be raised its just how shampoo works. The cleansing agents in a shampoo are meant to clean and slightly open the cuticle of your hair so guess what happens when you don't use a conditioner? of end up using your boyfriends conditioner? well your hair cuticle is all rough and crazy untamable hair and uncontrolled frizz galore!
THIS is why conditioner is important. When you use the combo from the same brand you will have the ultimate result because they are tested for the shampoo to raise PH level to let's say a 7 and the conditioner to bring it back to a normal PH level of 5. 

WHEN buying shampoo at the drug store most of this shampoos are made with the cheapest ingredients giving you the bare minimum nutrition to your hair , that is why a bottle only costs 4 dlls. 
WHEN you buy a high performance shampoo your stylist most likely is making an educated  recommendation as to why it would benefit you, because a stylist knows your hair story and what your hair needs.

*Store Bought Shampoos :

When buying a shampoo that is "affordable" really understand that you have NO idea what you are using in your hair, skin, eyes, body everywhere that shampoo falls. 
A lof to this "NO SHAMPOO" rants i have read about all the terrible chemicals that cause cancer etc well they might or might not be true and that is because THERE is so much in that label that we don't understand and truth is the guy that stocks shampoos at the convenience store has no idea either. 
There is plenty of ingredients that are masked to be good like "panthenol" or "keratin" that come in certain shampoos that all they really cost you at the end is an intense scalp treatment and deep conditioner with your professional. There is so much wax and ingredients that can actually damage your hair if you over use them. 

This is just surface talk about shampoo but in a nutshell, if you don't know ask a professional they will always know best. 
Don't go into a crazy frenzy without being informed also keep in mind there is great brands of professional hair care that carry organic and environmentally friendly products. 

If you have any more questions or concerns about your current shampoo
just reach out and touch me!...well maybe not touch but add your concerns to the comment box below!


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