Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beauty starts Inside: Green goodness for perfect skin (no juicer needed)

Juicing and cleansing seems to be one of the most trending things to do nowadays but aside from providing great benefits to your figure and workout plans it has great beauty benefits. 

I am way too busy to make any complicated meal plans and elaborate fancy rolled oats from a parisian blog. All i really have time for is a quick snack in the morning sometimes i eat in my car , as bad as that sounds a girls gotta make it work. Since i have found this is the easiest way to make a meal/snack and also the healthiest i have been hitting myself in the head for getting off the green goodness wagon this past month . 

I had a major epiphany yesterday at work when i saw a gross blackhead! I said...but this is not me!?
and guess what ladies all those fast snacks and bad breakfasts really like revenge. 
So, i have decided to take on the habit of drinking this smoothie. 
EVERYTIME i take on the challenge of taking it every day i get compliments on my SKIN and HAIR. no lie. 
I am no scientist so i canont explain to you if all that fiber from the spinach and the nutrients in the fruit or the fact that it acts as a body cleanser makes the winning difference..all i know is that THIS WORKS. 
(while it may not work for definitely works for me)

On top of the great benefits of great skin and shiny fast growing hair you may lose a couple of pounds!!

(you don't need a juicer or anything fancy , just your good ol' blender )

1 glass of water ( less water thicker consistency) 
1/2 a cup of frozen fruit (the one with NO SUGAR added)
1 HANDFUL of pre-washed spinach  ( the more spinach the greener it looks)

        TAH- DAH! easy huh?

Hows starting this new routine with me? know what they say with little steps in the right direction , one walks far. 


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