Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cupcake Nail Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!

Today i have an easy way to do your own cupcake nails at home.
 Nail art is often seen as this new art for the beauty world however we have a misconception about doing it yourself. I have a lot of people tell me " how did you do that?! i could never do that myself.." I love / hate when people say this because #1 i love it because i can do it for you if you can't. and #2 you can do anything if you are willing to try! 
The nail art nowadays is a lot of fun and it takes for you to set aside 30 min of your day and have fun with it. It doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't have to be done with expensive tools!

why don't you give it a try? 

post your best version of cupcake mani or whatever nail art this post inspired you to do on INSTAGRAM #bqnailart 

One of YOU lucky readers will get one of my favorite polishes in the mail!

Can't wait to see your art 



  1. So cute!! I love the idea:)
    Have a nice day dear,

  2. thanks alejandra! Hope you try it at home! :)