Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday ? it can't be thursday!

well guess what? it is!
what can make the almost weekend more bearable you might ask? 
always , always, always
sometimes i feel I'm writing to an empty space of talking to a wall  and i get discouraged... really. 
but then i get the visitors numbers and i see you guys are there
(phewww! what a relief)
so i get back on the blogger boat and share what I'm up to

and we can finally stop with the justin timberlake picture 
( I KNOW, i know it never gets old)
i have been obsessing over this colors and NAILS 
Im working on doing more videos on nails and hair to bring on the site but for now..
what do you think of this!?

Anyway MAY is a great time for Austin fashion scene because its the official 
Austin Fashion Week 
it is my first time attending and doing hair which is super duper exciting and thats what ill be up to this weekend. I hope i don't get too caught up and forget about taking pictures. 

So this is my life in a playlist it might be a little off but it is guaranteed to kick your mood UP! 
im so excited to listen to this today!

THURSDAYS don't have to be gruesome 

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