Friday, April 25, 2014

Beautiful TEAs that saved me.

Ive been wanting to write this post for a few weeks now since I've been very into TEA experimenting and falling in love with it. I thought id share why it saved me and why i love it so much.

Tea is one of the most common things my mom would always give me as a kid when i had an upset stomach or had an itchy throat and now as i'm an adult i have come to realize tea is so much more than just simple remedies. Its nature in a cup!

Lately i have been relying on tea for many things and it has literally saved me. I must confess i have a lot of anxiety problems and i have found some great herb infusions that have helped me manage my nerves and offered me a lot of comfort

 I have been buying the tea leafs at my local health food store and mixing it in this picture i have a few of my favorite ones. 

 Here is a few FUN facts about the herbs that have saved me: 

 CHAMOMILLE : This little plant has to be a girls best friend. It reduces cramps and abdominal pain that time of the month. (for real) Also it can be used to treat an upset stomach, indigestion and on top of it all it helps as a sleep aid. 

CINAMMON: A common remedy for sore throats since forever  and also a natural aid to regulate glucose levels for diabetics. It is also helps fight bacterial infections and diseases. It is also reduces fatigue + it has a natural sweet taste! 

SEVEN BLOSSOMS: This tea infusion is my FAVORITE my stress and anxiety levels are very normal since i take this almost every night. It is an infusion of chamomile, passiflora, valerian root, roses, orange and licorice root. All this ingredients help give you the best natural night sleep or it is awesome after a stressful day at work or before major finals season. 

GREEN TEA: Where do i begin? Green tea is the king of awesome. It is packed with anti oxidants that make your body endure illnesses like cancer, I've read that countries where green tea is taken very seriously the cases of cancer are very low. Green tea boosts your metabolism in a natural way so it is great for weight loss. Also it can prevent heart disease. It also has caffeine so you can naturally add a kick to your day. 

BLACK TEA : It is also a great source of anti oxidants like the green tea. It also helps relieve muscle tension after a work out. It helps prevent heart health and guess what ? it can prevent cavities and give you fresh breath! it also has caffeine so this is a great alternative to your morning coffee. 

WHITE TEA: If you still want to get your antioxidants without the caffeine kick white tea is awesome for that. My favorite infusion is white tea and rose. It is also good for fighting viral infections like the common cold as well as helping with aging! so what do you say? forever young? i think yes!

CHAI: Is an herb infusion that contains clove, cinnamon, anise, ginger and nutmeg etc which is said to be believed in ancient Ayurvedic medicine to be mind clearing, vitalizing and calming. Plus it makes some of the BEST lattes in the whole wide world. 

Chai + Cinamon TEA with Almond milk Latte (my new favorite kind of latte) and two of my favorite teas Brewhaha Super Happiness Tea and a Mexican version of Seven Blossoms. Oh and a gluten free blueberry waffle. Breakfast of Winning queens!

So this area  few facts on how this little herb infusions have saved me and keep lifting me up every day. I love tea for many reasons but now that i understand all the goodness that comes from a cup full of nature i love it even more. Plus you can't beat having a great excuse to always play with your favorite china sets!

Hope this info helps and you too become a tea fan like me! 
now who's down for a tea party?!

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