Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Floral in spring? Groundbreaking.

It has been very rainy around here this past couple of days so in days that are more gloomy 
i tend to create my own happiness. 
I think i have mentioned that i have been really into nail art and i have been practicing nail art on myself a lot! i find that it gives me a lot of peace just sitting there doing doodles on my nails. 
I have always liked manicures but now that nails speak so much about ourselves I've been extra interested in the art. 

This weeks mani due to the rainy days i decided to try a floral design.
i am calling this nail arts of mine manicutes. 
What do you think?
Would you all be interested in tutorials on how to create your own? 
let me know! 
have an amazing week people 


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