Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

I am an early bird by nature i feel like if i wake up late half the day is gone. 
I  am also a busy bee so i have to be in the go and moving most of the day but theres something about 
that have me focused in one thing which is RELAX 
I give time for prayer and then after for inspiration
I read in a Melissa Loves This a  post that i related to a lot and  made me reflect on the little things.
 I usually talk about beauty and products and how to do this and that but really...part of your all around beauty is what you carry inside which makes you carry your self in a more confident and cautious and inspiring way. 

The things i have been inspired by today are : 

a new book i bought with nylons beauty selections.

it is actually very PRETTY! all of it. 

One of my favorite places in the world: My desk + Champagne

Cutest Desk item Ive gotten from my boyfriend . Andy Warhol Inspirational quotes. 

I really love to just sit here and be. 

Definitely the little things are the ones that count. 

have a happy Monday readers. 

i love you 

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