Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In spirit of flower power

All i have been thinking about since last week is the long weekend ahead! for some of us might be just a short little day to enjoy with family and for others just a chance to fill your bellys of wine which in my case i ideally would like to do both!

I am preparing my home for visits and friends to come hang. 
Since theres no better way to get your organic, flower power than at my local Trader Joe's i bought 
some flowers and even found some fresh and pretty Lavender!
Ever since i have been obsessing on the different things that can be done with fresh organic lavender. 

1. First of all it smells amazing so just have it everywhere while its fresh.
( i hung mine on top of my record player on my living room )

 You can hang it around your house as decoration to dry. It looks pretty. 

2. Make several bouquets, be very careful while doing this because flowers may crumble all over.

They say that lavender is for good luck, but i also believe that lavender has mega flower powers that help us from the inside out. From making relaxing teas, lemonades and cookies to just letting it dry and store it in little bags around your drawers. This little flower is guaranteed to turn any frowns upside down and give your home some great vibes and a nice touch. 
who doesn't love the lavender pastel colors?!

I have made a PINTREST board with ideas to make the most out of your Lavender. 
Follow some of my boards and lets brainstorm together. 

I wish you all a great weekend and a 4th of july full of fireworks, good times and  laughter. 

What is your favorite flower power? 

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