Thursday, May 15, 2014

Four EYES unite + Special Giveaway!

HELLO my name is Cindilu and i am a 4 eyes

I remember the days when being a 4 eyes was a major bummer and it was NOT cool at all
to be part of the 4 eye club , but now things are looking up for us. 
We are now part of the IN crowd.
we are the original cool kids. whoa! who would've thought 15 years later people would actually get frames with no prescription?! yeah welcome to 2014!

Don't get me wrong i love the whole trendy aspect of it and i have always worn mine with a lot of pride. 
Frames give you tons of character and an opportunity to make a special statement in the world. 

I have been currently looking for new glasses and well it is not an easy task it might take months before i can find the perfect pair. 
When it comes to finding glasses you need to take in consideration 3 things

1. your face shape : Round, oval, diamond shape you need to make sure your frames enhance your features rather than emphasizing them. 
2. material/cost  : Depending on the use you will give the frames you need to pick your lens, material of the lens and diameter of the lens. It is important to discuss with your ophtalmologist so you know if you need a thicker lens or not and you can make a good choice in your lens and know how much you want to spend. You don't want to be that person with a thick nasty lens and your eyes looking like bugs eyes you know what i mean? 
3. Color: You might thing omg how superficial are you?! well hold that thought. The color of your frames is important if you are only having one pair you want to have a neutral color that goes with everything like for example black or gray. However if you are cool with wearing pink frames daily more power to you. (you go girl) 

This are my top 3 things i look out for when I'm shopping for new frames
You can also find them online there are amazing websites like firmoo who provide frames and lenses so you can definitely send your prescription and have them deliver to your door step also super duper affordable!

Since i know the pain of looking for frames i am going to treat you today to an awesome deal 
our friends at have sent me gifts for you and that is 30 dlls off any pair of frames from this one exclusive COLLECTION they have available 
lucky for you and me they are treating us to some Vintage Cat Eye frames! 

contest picture #4eyescoolkids

How you can win this 30 dlls off is simply by following me on instagram and writing a comment in the give away picture with the hashtag #4eyescoolkids

The first lucky 3 will be sporting some very cute frames this season!

Ready ? GO!

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