Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anything Can Happen Saturday! Episode 2

 This weekend i planned with my boyfriend the a second edition of what we call
" anything can happen Saturdays" 
What this activity consists of is not planning anything at all just getting in the car and picking restaurant at random, activities and places. 
I have found it to be incredibly awesome and full of possibilities. 
If you know me you'd know i love planning and stressing over perfect outcomes but for once on saturday i DONT have to do any of that isn't it awesome?!

Heres some of the things that happen this saturday

went on a stroll around town after mexican food and margaritas to watch the sunset

 then we made a sudden stop at Urban Outfitters where they had a massive sale
i got this TWO pairs of shoes for 10.00 dlls whAAAAAT?

i also fell in love with a lot of stationary, shower caps and finally more blank sheets of paper to fill with thoughts and doodles. You know me... I will be a teen forever 

What's best than stumble upon nail art books and 90s books on SALE?! well it only got better by a tiny bit with those awesome buttons!

We ended our night coming home to a pajama 90's party! 
my boyfriend made pineapple mango tequila shooters and watched the 100 greatest songs of the 90s!
then i totally passed out on my couch with a full heart because you know//... I'm a 90s baby.

Im so in love with all my cheap finds i found at Urban Outfitters it totally made my weekend

how was your weekend? would you try anything can happen saturday? 

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