Friday, April 11, 2014

radical skin!? Yes plz.

THE WEEKEND is here! 
well for most of you, for me i am working a full on week since last friday because i am taking a little vacation this upcoming week.
Some people do not consider it a vacation if you don't leave town...but in my case being at home with family, trying on different masks and having time to clear my head sounds like the perfect vacation to me. 

I want to share with you today what i consider one of the BEST exfoliating products I've come across in EVER and my companion for this vacation and probably always...

RADICAL SKIN CARE makes this beauties called "age-defying exfoliating pads" and let me tell you  if you are in your twenties ... you need to start defying age ! not just with white lies at the bar when you try to flirt with a cute college boy, but with some GOOD skin care. 

Let me tell you a few good facts about age defying-pore minimizing- skin brightening magic potion little pads. 
I have been using them for a few weeks and if you MUST know i will not review a product unless i have been using it enough to say LOVE it! anyway this past few weeks I've been using it at night time after my face cleaning routine and i must add that the first time i used them it burned a little and i realized it was because i was using an exfoliating cleanser. OUCH. don't make the mistake of exfoliating twice like smarty pants here did. I would recommend a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and dirty so you can later go over with the pads and do the deep cleanse. 

one tiny pad is responsible for removing dead skin cells as well as impurities. Their new technology of age defying agents and antioxidants deposits and concentrates on your skin while you sleep tightening your skin over night giving you an awesome morning glow! 
it minimizes your pores! 
What that means to you? well that the smaller the pore the less chance for BLACK HEADS!
I had been having issues with my chin and nose area getting a little greasy during my period and well i found the solution, they also took care of that for me. 

so when i say magic potion you better believe it. 
I also want to mention i love this brand so much more because of the two sisters that found it
it all around GIRL POWER

Lucky for you this magic pads can be found at sephora or their own page at radical skin care 

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