Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hiatus? maybe a little. + THURSDAY FAB FIVE! + PLAYLIST !

Hi ladies! 
i did i think in fact went on a little hiatus for a while there, really not intentional but somehow it happened. I can't tell YOU that my life is any more hectic than any of you but you know what i mean right? 
On top of it all i have been sick not in a nasty kind of way but i think its been the kind of sick that comes from mental and physical exhaustion. However no big deal, i been shaking it off quite well and taking a million vitamins, tea and  TONS of water. 

So in this break i have realized one must just have one day dedicated to awesome and what better day than THURSDAY we all need an extra little push to finish the week and that is why today
i am doing a summary of all the things that get me through my week!
begins now!

1. I have this book my boyfriend gave me about LOVING YOURSELF 
its definitely a good mid week push!

2. It is VERY rainy and ugly outside today so why focus on that when you can be thinking of summer.  Ive been looking for the perfect pool float for this summer. so far..THIS 

3. Think of your happy place for me is my new reading area from where I'm currently blogging. 

4. Pick a DIY project ! Last weekend i bought a tea cup like this and i just found how to make at lauren conrads  blog

5. I have been so into playlists that I'm now making mine too! 

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