Tuesday, January 21, 2014

bidi-bidi BANG-BANG

Hand in hand with the new year, new you craziness i decided to get a bang trim this week!

It is really strange how much 3 inches across your face can change you completely. I have never been too daring with my fringe because i am always over criticizing myself and i always say i have the BIGGEST face on earth so i would never be able to do anything too edgy with my hair. 

Since its a new year and all i decided to dare a little. I did not hesitate to get a bang trim which i am used to getting all the time anyway...but this time was different i didn't try to control each bit of the situation i just sat there and let the magic scissors do their job.


this is the result of just a few inches of hair out of my face. 

I have an oval face but when using short hair and long bangs it makes it look round! so now that i have gained some perspective in shape and how it affects the way your face looks i can honestly tell you DONT BE AFRAID of making a little bit of change!

I have actually felt way better about my style . I had a very basic haircut and i've been thinking what i could do to change it up a bit and this was the perfect change i needed!

What do you think? 

lets dare a little!

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