Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekend Obsessions!

This weekend is quickly approaching and i have been carrying some obsessions this week that have been HAIR . 
ive been browsing through some pretty amazing messy hair ideas from Fashion Week spring 2014 ! 

Pastel colors and just bright colors in hair in general are being emphasized this season. 

If you think about it... We are young so why not?! If anything NOW is the time to have your hair any color you want!
weekend obsession

I love love love the fact that all this hair styles are totally attainable at home and can be easily recreated by us !
On the right the valentino style is a quick and easy twist and the fairy hair themed is Dolce & Gabbana
I know that fairy hair its BEEN done and i get it, yes it's been done but
honestly i am still loving it.
Might even.....consider getting a subtle color change!

Anyway what do you think? are this styles doable? would you wear this style?

let me know below!