Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Style me?

For the longest time i have struggled and fought with the idea of style. Not because i am not in love with my closet but because i have always find it pretentious to be in front of a lens claiming to have style. A lot of style and vision depends on the person like. Lets not even go into branding. I believe style is what you put together not what brand you pair up. Maybe i've just been too much around people that believe spending 100 dlls on shoes make them PRETTY. Hate to break it to you but there are expensive TACKY shoes. Anyway.  With that being said i have dared to be in front of the lens not to dictate style or to expect recognition of some sort but just to share how i make my every day fun.

I am a stylist and you all know that so i need to wear black on black on a daily basis so i have to be really creative to look different everyday wearing the same hue and sometimes with a splash of color or shape i change the whole game!

A friend took a picture of me this past week and i thought ok...i might be able to do this avoiding becoming the" style" show off i really dislike. 

My favorite boots remind me of my old witch boots. lovee!

why is it still cold?! 

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