Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reader Question Answered : Help! Frizz Ball ALERT!

So here's the thing we ALL deal with the frizz issue at some point of another. Some of us have curly hair, some straight and guess what...frizz is still an issue!

At some point in our lives our texture changes in fact it changes about 3 times in our existence and not to be alarmed it doesnt mean you are getting old..well maybe a little but not in a bad way.

Our hair changes texture with age and time. It also changes depending on our hormone levels and lifestyle changes.  It is always easy to blame it on the environment or your shampoo but realistically sometimes we just need to look deep at our body and understand the changes.

Here's a Few reasons why you hair might be giving you hell and how to tackle the issue:

  1.  Age + Hormones : It is  completely normal to notice that your hair turned into something you are not used to and it frizzes more than it ever did. If your hair is straight and now has a subtle wave i recommend to change your shampoo to a hydrating shampoo.  It is important to always be attentive to how our hair behaves because it might just mean a change of texture that happens with the dreaded word "age" and we need to probably change shampoo, products and have a talk with our stylist. 
  2. Humidity + Weather: Sometimes there is just too much moisture in the air. Even when your hair needs moisture the environmental moisture is not necessarily your best friend. For this type of weather i like to make sure i stick to my natural texture of hair. Using a hair serum  for styling and a moisture block hair spray to secure your style should be enough to keep your hair controlled. Also avoid taking long walks in the park if its terribly humid and you don't want your hair to frizz up!
  3. Over processed + Lack of Protein: Often the hair tends to be all over the place because the chemical process it has gone through have destroyed or damaged the hair cuticle. Our hair cuticle is the main and most important part of our hair , since its responsible for shine and control. If the hair cuticle is open and unable to open or protect the hair you will get frizzy and unmanageable hair. The best tip if you have had chemical processes on your hair and it no longer wants to be caressed by the wind, Is to do a deep conditioner treatment preferably one that contains Keratin protein. Keratin protein is the most likely to our hairs chemical makeup which means it fills in the hair making it look smooth and makes that cuticle seal. 
  4.  Lack of MOISTURE : The hair needs the right amount of moisture like i mentioned but not the environmental moisture or just water. Hair needs to be treated with a type of moisture that can be deposited into your hair. The easiest way to get this type of moisture is with a PROFESSIONAL shampoo system. By system i mean SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER. I cannot stress enough how important it is to condition the hair after shampooing it. Frizz a lot of times is caused by mix + match shampoo and conditioners. Most shampoos from the same brand and type tend to have same PH levels which allow the shampoo and conditioner to work at its best. I have been using Aveda products. AMAZING. Which ever brand you choose make sure you consult with your stylist before purchasing or you can always consult with me ! via CONTACT ME email.
This are the main reasons why hair tends to be frizzy and easy ways on how to correct the issue. If you give this a try and are still having issues you might need a good consultation with your stylist or ME
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ps. This post was requested by Alyssa. Hope it helps Alyssa !