Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Raw artist Adventure

This past Spring i decided to go into an adventure with RAW artist of austin which is a great organization that showcases and supports indie talent in different areas or the creative world.

For the first time ever i found that "hair" was a category in a creative competition as big as RAW it immediately got me very excited and amazed that my passion and craft is being part of the creative world and stylist are being recognized as CREATIVES and ARTISTS.

I was able to put up my own show so i picked my own wardrobe, models , makeup and of course HAIR. It was an amazing experience and opportunity to be part of a night full of creative vibes all over!

One of my Signature styles i showcased at RAW 

Now i am elegible to be part of RAW awards! 
What does it mean?  It means that with your vote and nominations i am able to showcase again for a local title of RAW hairdresser of the year. WHOA!
Being a new stylist and a creative life is not easy without the extra push competitions like this provide for me. 

Voting for RAW AWARDS is open and today is the LAST day to vote. I NEED all the support i can get. If you believe in indie artist like me since you read my blog and support my craft it will only take an extra 3 minutes of your day to vote

here's how!

It will ask you to LOG IN/ REGISTER

You only need your email + a password (it is only to keep track of votes not for marketing)

Once you do that go to my profile and at the top of my profile click on VOTE!