Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Trends 2013 !

I am so in LOVE with the Fall trends
Because i live in Texas and the heat is exhausting i am ALWAYS waiting for Fall! 
Im so excited to use DARK lip stick and channel my inner goth that always comes in and out since i wear black mostly every day. 
Over my week vacation i have been watching a lot the fashion shows online obsessing over all that is to come this fall and winter.
My favorite one and one trend that i must confess i have been already using is the NAIL polish.
#1 Wine Color  or Plum nail polish. YUM!
since i wear a lot of black and i work with hair all day i sometimes like to wear darker shades of nail polish, so now i'm finally in with the trend. I bough an awesome wine color at  Forever 21 "night moves" it has great shine and it lasts. only $2.80 dlls. 

#2 Curly + Messy hair is very much in, so ladies get your hot rollers ready!
I  have naturally curly hair and like i said on my previous post i am trying to grow it out so i can rock one of this looks! Isnt it fun?! 

# 3 Messy buns with a lot of volume ! This is a very 60's vibe and i LOVE it. I am obsessed with the vintage styles and seeing them as a trend this season makes me VERY happy!

#4 Wine LIPS ... not the kind you get on sunday morning after a long girls night in but the ones that make your face look 10 x brighter and create awesome contrast on your look. 
Feeling goth yet? 

The rainy weather and cloudy days in mexico have had me feeling a little nostalgic but with a lot of peace. 
Hope everyone has a great week and if you have any other hair inspiration or makeup please do share below!

much love,



  1. you have a lovely blog <3 cool picks!!
    kisses ♥

  2. Cool blog.I really like the fall trends especially the messy buns they look so chic and stylish.
    Maybe follow each other?