Friday, August 9, 2013

This Weekend you need to drip in GOLD

Anyone that knows me knows three basic things about me ,which tend to be the most important and easiest ways to understand me. 

#1 I'M A LEO
#2 I love GOLD/SHIMMER everything
#3 I HATE tans

With that being said here we go.  
I don't think i mentioned here but i did mentioned on my twitter @cindilove  i finally went to LUSH. That organic, hand made cosmetic store where soap is 19 dlls a pound. I'm not going to say bad things about the store only that  i just feel that being a "happy hippie" (name of one of their body washes) is EXPENSIVE and a bit pointless. The entire time i was in the store  I was mainly trying to figure out what i was looking at and what i was smelling. After many surprisingly bad smells, odd textures and pricey soaps ...... i tried this thing called LUSTRE. 

OH -EM- GEEZAAY from the heavens. 
(i legit said that)

Its this little bottle of soft shimmer? i can't really describe the texture but the smell is amazing. It smells like pure desire in a bottle. (btw it does also have a warning that the smell puts the 'lust' in lustre) 
I grabbed the bottle and spread it though my arms and legs  the shimmer was so nice ,  it was not the glittery 13 yr old glitter shimmer (which i do also love..don't judge) it was more like a fake tan shimmer. 
Knowing what you know of me guess what?...i didn't even freak out when i saw that my skin looked healthy sun kissed , smelled amazing AND having that shimmery look.

Trust me i have tried MANY shimmery lotions, liquids, powders etc; i have not ever liked one as much as this. The price well.. still very expensive hippie and i'm not even judging.  I'm just hoping in the back of my mind that it was made with unicorn smiles or something amazing like that. 

This is my beauty obsession of the week ! I don't feel like going out this weekend but showing off my perfectly sun kissed skin might just make me change my mind. 

What body shimmers are your favorite? do share with me !!! plz! seriously. 


  1. I actually really like lush! I love their body washes! I have never seen this shimmer product and I must say it looks amazing! I would love to try it!


    1. totally! i am so in love with it its 1.4 oz of awesomeeee

  2. seems a great product!
    Have a nice day pretty:)