Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cute Objects of The Week!

I should probably call this the 'Cute objects of the MID-week ' since its Wednesday and all, but since i will be doing spotting cute items each week i will just leave it at that. 

In this post i am sharing with you some of the items i have been obsessing over this week. 
1. A Vintage TV Laptop bag that i think its kind of amazing.
2. A coral statement necklace which i'm still trying to figure out if its a tree branch or a sea thing? cute either way. I got it for my birthday last week. 
3. I have been in this frenzy of making accent pillows. Every quote that comes to mind works. Except bad words, leave those for your rap songs. 
4. Last but not least my birthday boots, that became my weekend boots and my boyfriend is starting to look at me weird because i look like i don't own other shoes. Its called obsession right? it will pass, but for now LOVE them. 

what are you obsessing over this week?  lets share!



  1. That TV laptop bag is amazing!!! I need one of those!!! Where is it from?

    1. YES i loved that laptop bag i found it at a costume store in town however i thought it was TOO expensive but i havent found the exact same one i might have to go back and get it there! ....its hard not to love right?

  2. That laptop bag is so quirky and cute accent pillow too!
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    1. thank you for visiting my blog! i checked out yours i like your style! i followed your networks <3 stay in touch !

  3. I love the bag!!! So funny:)
    Have a nice day pretty!

  4. so funny! ^^

  5. omg those boots are too cute!

  6. Oh my gosh! The TV laptop bag is too cute! I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of these for my laptop! Love love love it!


  7. The TV Lapton bag is amazing haha, shame I have a desktop, but it would probably make an amazing gift!

  8. That TV bag is precious! Plus, the necklace is perfect for summer right now. Thanks for the follow!


  9. very nice bag, ı love.. ı followed you.
    and ı wait you..