Friday, August 23, 2013

Long Hair TIPS!

i am on vacation so here i am writing not in my desk and at my comfort but writing none the less.

Heres a hot hot topic i talk about a lot with my clients. 

Today i want to talk about i LOVE the most which is... HAIR. 
We all dream of having an amazing long mane and keep it healthy but really i have MANY , many clients and friends facing the same issue... SPLIT ENDS
and the common dialogue goes something like this..
"i need my hair to grow! so please don't cut it, i just cant afford to lose any length"
and to this i say YOU NEED to cut all the dead ends before you can grow it, your hair is like a plant. Picture a really pretty rose plant with yellow and dry leaves all over. Yeah its a nice plant but if you want to keep it blooming you need to cut the dead leaves off! 
Same goes with hair. 
If i can give you any good advice about growing you hair is CUT it as odd as this advice sounds.

Rule #1 Keep up with your trim Every 4 weeks. It is necessary to be in a regimen and keep up trimming as its growing so you can see good results.

Rule #2 Do avoid using HEAT on your hair. Do more air dry, braids, top knots etc. Keeping your hair under less stress and letting it be and enjoy your natural texture.

Rule #3 Use a moisturizing shampoo. If anything keeping your hair hydrated at all times specially with this process.

Rule #4 If you are chemically dependent (color your hair) you need to add an intensive treatment. THIS IS A MUST. Ask your stylist for a regimen of hair treatments to aid the process

There is no secret shampoo that will make it grow faster or secret ways to make this work. Its discipline. Listen to your body. Eat right, drink as much water as you can. 

See the results!
 Remember i am in the same journey as you  and i too want to have long hair by fall and its quickly approaching!

Any additional suggestions or tips you have done on your own? Share with us!



  1. I really like these tips and I too is on the journey to grow my hair longer.I think oiling is very important in maintaining the hair shine,softness,strength and it also helps to grow hair longer.

  2. I love this post! It's so true, I never understood the importance of trimming hair but now i've made a routine to trim every three months :) great post :)