Monday, August 19, 2013

Daily Makeup Basics

daily makeup

I have been reading a lot of beauty blogs and i have noticed that a lot of girls have or use A LOT of makeup on a daily basis. I have discovered in my lifetime of using makeup that for an every day makeup we need a FEW key items and that will keep our skin at its best, protected and healthy for a 
long long time! 

 I have those genes where people keep telling me i look 17 and its great and all but honestly youthful skin does not only depend on genes but on how you take care of it. 

 I will get in more in depth about my daily routine a little later... For now i'm going to give you my basics inside my makeup bag 

 1.  MOST important of all before any makeup SUNSCREEN girls. If you are serious about being forever young. WEAR sunscreen. 

2. Face Wipes I carry this in my purse because if my eye liner gets smeared or need to refresh my makeup i can easily do it

3. BB cream . For an every day look i like to look natural and fresh so i use a BB cream . 
4. EYELINER i love gel eye liner and its a stable of my every day makeup

5. Peach Blush makes a great every day makeup item because it gives off a natural feel of a fresh subtle tone face.

6. Along with that you must always make room for a GOOD Blush brush. I cannot live without one!

 7. Last but not least.. a good makeup pouch. I recommend carrying a small pouch so in case you live in TEXAS like me, the heat won't ruin all your fancy makeup. 

What is on your basic makeup? Can we agree sunscreen is a MUST? 
Let me know in the comment box below. Your comments make my day!


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  1. Yes I know sunscreen is a must but the sad thing is
    I don't wear it due to too much heat and laziness though I don't go out much.My daily routine consists of a light moisturizer,loose powder and a lipgloss.