Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beauty Queen Says: Summer is at its peak, don't forget the sunscreen!

Summer is at its peak in August and with all the out door activities we need to keep in mind that are skin is taking all the damage. We need to protect it and there's no way around it , unless you are down to aging rapidly and sporting some wrinkles .(not cute) 

In my daily routine i make sure i have at least a face moisturizer that is at least a SPF of 50. I might sound like i'm exaggerating but when it comes to sun i really don't leave room for error.
Protecting your skin from UV rays on a daily basis can save you A LOT of hassle and money in the future. Your skin will never suffer the effects of dry skin, dark circles, uneven skin tone and most important skin related diseases like MELANOMA. 

I know sun tanning and laying out in the sun is kind of cute and makes you feel you are starring in your own scene from a California dreaming video, but the effects of over doing sun tanning can really be costly and damaging in the long run. 
I say protect the skin you are in for there is always awesome spray tans available !


What is your daily skin routine? any questions? 
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