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Blog Request: Makeup Brushes

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This will be my first post of the year and i am so excited to be back in the groove and continuing to write about all things beauty!

I have heard this question too many times from readers, friends and even at make up seminars. " Which brushes should i get?"  There is definitely a lot of make up brushes out there and when it comes to doing your makeup at home, LESS IS MORE!
I have been trying to narrow down to the brushes i use every day and which ones are the staple of the basic daily makeup application.

Let's get to the details!

When planning on making an investment on Makeup brushes there is several things to consider. The most important are regarding quality, durability and sanitation.

Natural Vs Synthetic Bristles:

When buying new makeup brushes we need to consider the make of the brush.

Natural bristle brushes are higher quality and more durable is what is often said about them however when it comes to cleaning the brushes because of the natural animal hair (BOAR to be exact) which is not only animal cruel but they are porous material which leads to storing bacteria within the cuticles of the hair.  They are unable to be completely sanitized. When planning on using brushes for a long time this is a very important thing to consider since you don't want to cross contaminate or create skin infections because of the stored bacteria.

Synthetic Brushes in the other hand since this brushes are made from NON-porous materials it  makes them easy to sanitize correctly and be able to be cleaned completely. Since the materials are   synthetic there is less shedding and the bristles are shaped in a way that will make a smooth application. Not all synthetic brushes are so great. The ones i use are Ultimate Face (like the ones on the picture) and they actually work great and have an amazing texture and they are completely cruelty free + fabulous!

Since i shared a key point before getting brushes now let's move on to which type you need for what and so on...  moving on......

If you noticed i ONLY have 5 brushes in the picture, because really there's no need to spend all that money on a full brush set when you can get a really nice application with just FIVE brushes.

Here's how:

1.  I call this brush THE MASTER. Concealer + Foundation brush. Some people have one brush for concealer or "brightening" and another one for foundation but with this one brush you can accomplish both and save the space to throw an extra lip balm in your make up bag!  The concealer brush is the most important since its the one that will give you all the coverage and even application of the base of your whole makeup.

2.  Blush Brush  i am sure you have heard about tapered blush brushes and angled brushes for blush application. Honestly i recommend you just a plain and simple blush brush because this too can be used for you to apply translucent powder ! that saves you another extra unnecessary brush. Talk about two birds one stone huh?
Anyway .... when buying a blush brush i recommend you buy something with white tips (this is also an advantage with synthetic brushes) because you will know how much product you will put on your face and its easier to know when completely clean (yes i am obsessed with clean brushes because i don't know if you do , but i DON'T want to ever get a skin infection from makeup which btw are SUPER common and can be easily avoided by just being clean with your brushes)

3.  Eyeshadow brush. This little man can do wonders when you pick the right one. As you can see in the picture its slightly thin and it has a curved shape. As opposed to those weird barrel shaped eyeshadow brushes this one is super easy to use and you can easily apply the color in the crease of your eye without a problem.  Don't get me wrong barrel brushes have its purpose but more for a makeup artist, not ideal for an at home application.

4.  Now its time for my FAVORITE brush out of all. The Angle brush! This is my favorite brush because of its shape it can be used for many makeup tasks. If you love using cream eye liner this is the perfect brush to apply your cat eye! Also you can clean it and remove the excess and dip it in your favorite brown shadow and use it as an EYEBROW brush and last but not least if you are comfortable with contouring your won face you can use this guy too! isn't it the perfect brush? ...more room for lip sticks and nicknacks in your makeup bag!

5. Last but not least.. the Lip Brush. We are often used to just applying our lip stick right out of the   container, but there is a HUGE advantage to applying it with a lip brush. You can always get an even coverage without getting it smeared all over and also you can mix a little bit of other lip stick tones to create your signature color of the day! ..thats what i do anyway... so when people tell me" i love your lip color? what color is it? " i can brag and say .... its too cool for stores... i made it!

I hope this lengthy explanation helps you with your daily make up application and choosing the right brush to buy.

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