Friday, December 14, 2012

Ultimate Face Cosmetics: Molding Artist + Shaping Futures.

         This past November i was honored to attend my third Ultimate Face Cosmetics training held at Paul Mitchell The school. This make up company is one of my favorite lines for professionals and I'll tell you why. Ultimate face has a big compromise with professional makeup as well as the products this line provides. They are a company founded to supprot and educate professional make up artist, as opposed to big name brands they are dedicated to travel the world providing training and knowledge to the professionals, building trust for their brand.

This company has been founded by visionaries in the beauty industry, hard working people with a vision and a commitment. Laurie is a huge inspiration to me because she has built this company with her husband and their success comes from doing what you feel right in your heart. They are a great example of a helping company. They want to set up professionals for success and they are doing it.
I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to meet this great entrepreneurs and leaders. 

 The company co-owner Laurie Spellman and her team of talented artists held a very intense training about color laws, highlighting and contouring for every day looks, photography and runway.

I have a very special place in my heart for ultimate face because they not only have the original mineral makeup but they are committed to creating products that are animal cruelty free, with less harmful chemicals and durable synthetic brushes.  It really gives a peace of mind knowing that you are performing makeup services , applying beautiful colors with products that did not harmed any living creature in the process.

For the longest time i thought i was not capable of doing makeup until i attended the first UFC class, from there i have attended 3 and i will continue to attend their classes. I now feel comfortable with the skills they have taught me and look forward to one day be an educator for this awesome brand!

If you have not jumped on the Ultimate Face wagon i invite you to learn more about their training classes, seminars and certifications.  Click HERE for more info on how you too can be a national makeup artist!

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What is your favorite Makeup line and why? Do share!


 Cynthia BQ

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