Thursday, March 7, 2013

survive the madness

Here in Texas we are all preparing for one of the most exciting events in town SXSW an interactive festival around town where everyone from music lovers, movie directors, celebrities, local celebrities, fashion enthusiast and all sorts of creative people unite to celebrate, listen, watch and enjoy each others talents not to mention the great networking + FREE stuff everywhere.

All of that sounds like a lot of fun and games but in reality it takes A LOT of walking, sun exposure, hair madness and wardrobe malfunctions. This is why i have gathered a quick list of the MUST have items to survive this SXSW. 

This 6 little items are essential to be picture ready in 1 minute!

1. First things first, you NEED a lot of sunscreen specially because the texas weather has been so crazy you never know what kind of change you will encounter and you need to make sure your skin is not going to suffer consequences.  I recommend an SPF of 30 to be the least just so you don't have to be re applying over and over. 

2. Dry shampoo is so so so so great and handy dandy i truly love the new Paul Mitchell Dry Wash it literally makes your hair feel fresh and clean in less than 5 minutes. It gives an amazing volume if you have your hair down or wavy its a perfect way to keep it that way. If you have had it in a bun for the first half of your day, feel free to bring it down as the day cools off and add some Dry Wash and keep enjoying the show. No need to go back home! (remember parking sucks)  You can get your hands on this product at any paul mitchell salon or you can always come and see me at Transformation salon for travel sizes! 

3. My favorite thing that is a staple in my purse before i leave home is bobby pins! they will save you from the crazy little hair standing up  or make it easy for you to clip away hair from your face when you are about to walk into a photo booth. They are truly life savers!

4. Why makeup remover wipes? because you will sweat, and its an easy way to reset your makeup in a quick stop. Wiping your face clean will help you avoid any blackheads caused by the dirt and heat of the day. Just simply wipe, remove dirt, reapply sunscreen no big deal.

5. Tinted Moisturizer is a great way to get a quick even coverage with a very natural look and it has a shield also against sun (the more protection against sun the better !)  instead of carrying a full on foundation + powder i recommend bb cream or tinted moisturizer. Quick and simple. 

6.  Last but not least... Deodorant ! it is always safe to keep a travel size deodorant on your bag because you always want to be hug ready in case you run into your favorite celebrity , a long lost love or maybe even your future husband. You don't want to be caught off guard. Ever. 

This is what i usually carry when going on sxsw adventures or even music festivals and it has made my 
adventures so much more pleasant. Remember you always want to be picture ready, your memories are being made every second  and you have to look the part.

Hope this helps! if you have any questions or additional suggestions for all our readers feel free to comment below.

Happy South by girlfriends!



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