Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Uv Nails Vs Nail Polish


Did you know that uv lamps are just as aggressive as the sun itself? Uv nails and UV lamps have been around for a while now as this inoffensive and fast method to dry nails or make a nail polish last. Nails are the trend right now and we are all trying to make our nail art last longer to avoid chipped nails in the middle of the work week, trust me i get it. But are really UV gels the best way to get your nails done every week?
Here's what i found out. Turns out UV gels have the same UV effect as the sun, yes, that same sun that causes wrinkles, dry skin and melanoma. According to an article in the New York Times the uv lamps where we place our pretty little nails to dry our gel nails can cause melanoma or cancer of the skin. I was outraged by the news but it makes sense. The UVA rays in nail lamps are just as strong as the ones in tanning beds. The constant use of this UV light can develop melanoma under the nail itself causing long term and permanent damage. ouch!
However there is a great alternative to this services which are the ever popular Manicures and the good old nail polish. It has a downside, which is drying time and the short lasting effect. However with a really strong base coat and top coat a good nail polish should last you about 7-9 days! i think its worth the dry time wait to avoid some long term disease or what do you think? Uv gels or nail polish?

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