Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mood Board Anyone?

hey ya'll today i spent most of my time today working on reseting my inspiration board. I think its very important to have a visual of the things that inspire you, its cool to have a daily reminder of the things that move you and what you are about. 

Today i updated mine with all the little things that inspire me everyday and I'm going to share a few of them with you. 

1. i found an amazing quote " good things take time" it helps me to be reminded that sometimes as much as we are down, it will get better. 
2. I believe in God so he is always part of my plan without him none of my dreams are possible. 
3. "dream big" its my favorite ! its okay to have big dreams the more surreal the better! it pushes me harder.
4. i have a mini picture of my dad and me when i was little...he's always in my heart.
4. Maker 2010 badge. I got it when i sold my handmade jewelry In NYC at the maker fair. It was a big deal ya'll! it reminds me big dreams and little dreams are possible if you work hard enough.
5. Aveda. The people at Aveda inspire me. I am new to the company and the culture and as a stylist its all i've been dreaming of they are amazing stylist and artists in general. They inspire me.
6. Hair and beauty . Its my true passion and it's what moves me. 
last but not least
7. "Fierce but Flexible" love that reminder of how tough and direct i can be but its good to be flexible and learn to work with others. 

This is my board and what inspires me. What inspires you? 

If this post inspired you to make one too Share your story boards with us! 

Its a great way to start the week. 



  1. A Pin board is next on my to do list - I am re-doing my whole work psace can't wait!



    1. I'm still working on redoing my entire "inspire" space /desk do a post about it! id love to see it ;)