Thursday, January 30, 2014


My favorite item of the month is definitely Dry Remedy oil

Its made out of buriti which is a fruit found in water it adds moisture to the hair from the inside out. It is the next level to any oil you can imagine because the difference between any silicon based finishing oil which has silicon to coat the hair and make it "appear" smooth or shiny with this dry remedy oil its a pure essential oil 99% naturally derived it has no toxins, no silicons, no nonsense! 
It will improve the condition of your hair by 41% and its a softness you can feel as soon as you put it on. Its so light that won't weight down your style or make your scalp feel greasy. In the contrary i have dry scalp due to the cold weather and this oil has helped control it too!

I actually love the fact that aveda always has a mission on protecting the planet and helping the people by doing ethical product helping communities get water and buying the actual BURITI plant from villages of people that collect them proving means of survival to many families that work picking out the plant. Isn't it awesome?
It's always a relief when you can buy a product and know that you are not feeding a greedy monster but helping sustain hard work and life in third world countries. 

You can get your hands on this beauty at any AVEDA experience centers or At your Nearest AVEDA salon. 
If you are in the Austin area get it at Jackson Ruiz Salon !

I found a video of how this oil is made. Its so rad. Cruelty free and products with conscience rock!

What do you think? have you used dry remedy?

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  1. I really have to give this a try! Sounds exactly like what my hair needs right now