Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Ice DREAM shaving cream!

hey ya'll as every summer i have found an alternative to the common shaving cream
i don't know if i have mentioned before how much i hate shaving my legs, specially in those awkward moments when your friends plan an impromptu trip to the pool then you shave all in a hurry then as you gracefully enter the pool OUCH! mother burnnnnnnnnnnnn! 

well since i am totes talking from experience I indeed had to shave for an impromptu trip to the pool last week,  so i grabbed my honey mango CREAM SHAVE i had just bought in my last trip to TJ's
I  quickly shaved and as soon as i got in the pool i was surprised that i had NO ITCH or BURN at all!

Just like heaven in a bottle + it smells amaze balls! 

it is also 100% vegetarian! WIN-WIN!

Eventhough shaving is one of my most dreaded least my bathroom smells like ice cream


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