Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY ALERT : Makeup Brush Cap

hello !
August is here and since its the peak of summer we all get a little more laid back and since we are all either in vacation or enjoying the sunny days , we tend to run into little annoyances like misplacing an eyeliner cap which just happened to me this pas weekend while visiting my family! 
i happen to have a gel eyeliner and the one thing i HATE is it comes with a brush with no cap. I have had it for 1 month and the condition of the brush is not so great anymore. I decided to try this little DIY tip and problem solved. 
My makep bag is not dirty with eyeliner everywhere and the brush is in perfect condition. 
Let's try it!

hopefully this helps to solve the eternal issue of the cap that always goes MIA 

any questions or suggestions on how you have used this tip?

let me know below




  1. Ah I love DIY beauty tips! It's a shame we can't get giant straws for our powder/blush brushes!

  2. Amazing Lady Thank you..

    I was so stupid when I threw out all the coastal scents Brush guards when I first bought the brush set...(thinking I was DE cluttering) n now I need them so bad.