Monday, August 13, 2012

Online Consultation.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Sometimes we find ourselves debating weather a style goes with our face or lifestyle, this is why i decided to do an online consultation for a drear friend Brenda that has been asking me about styles.
She is usually traveling and on the go most of the time, she is a marine and her life on a ship requires her to have a style of her is easy to keep up with without compromising style.

We usually all turn to the comfort of long layers because it's the most common hair cut and goes good with every face shape, which is good because you always have that option.
However the shape of our individual face allows us to play around with styles, enhancing or softening our face features.

Brenda has a square face shape, which means she has prominent cheeks and strong jaw line. The medium to long bob like i show on the picture, helps you create a longer jaw line and softens your cheekbones.

In the color department, since we are trying to create an effect of a subtle jawline with the hair cut, it should stay as is and we must recur to color to create a summer gradient of color with a beautiful subtle ombre. You don't necessarily have to get a blonde tone, if you have dark brown hair you can just go a tone or two lighter and get the perfect subtle effect.
hope this helps brenda !

Are you ready for a new look?

share with me below your questions and i might even do an online constulation again next monday!


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