Monday, May 21, 2012

summer bag

Welcome to my first official beauty under $20 !

This month has been specially busy,full of out door activities, festivals, pool mixers etc. My make up bag to be honest was getting a bit boring, i had no lip balm, and i kept losing my lip stick! sounds familiar? So i decided to take a quick adventure to the beauty isle at the local drug store with my friend Saray (my loyal beauty b). Here's what i found:

I was quickly captivated by the turquoise color of the new Mega Plush by Maybelline, initially i had my money on the Colossal By Maybelline because i have heard really good reviews about it. However the new Mega Plush has a new formula with less beeswax (which gives it the thick consistency) and instead it has a cleaner and lightweight Gel consistency. I am not a fan of heavy make up and since i've been a lot out doors i really needed a light mascara that could hold my lashes up and defined. This definitely did it for me !

The verdict : AMAZE Price : 5.00 dlls
Then the baby lips came across this is a definite must! This is a lip balm with stain and amazing flavors. It is clinically proven to improve the appearance and texture of your lips. Since it has an SPF of 20 i had to give it a try since i'm extra sensitive to the sun.
Veredict: RAD Price:3.99

My third last but not least find was a typical and very much over looked wet n' wild nude peach lip stick. This is absolutely one of my favorite colors for this season! Compared to Smashbox Nude Peach Lip stick the color is very close. The texture is a bit more matte but not bad at all . This lip stick has totally won my heart, a lip stick i can misplace and not get a heart attack.

Veredict: ROCKS! Price: an unbeatable 1.89 cents !
so this is what is on my make up bag. Super affordable and for once you can take your mind off of losing your make up bag in the hectic spring activities. Know that theres always affordable options for our hectic lives and needs.
what's on your bag this summer? Have you tried any similar products ? Do share with us below !


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